The poems of Dr. Paulina Van that are collected in Regala Healing are powerful, brave, spiritual, intimate, forceful, emotional, and deeply reflective. The main thrust of the poems are squarely centered on self and are all self-driven. Unlike many other poems from other poets that often use poignant and beautiful metaphors that help readers to generate imaginations and draw inferences, Paulina’s poems are intentionally, unapologetically, and unbashfully direct. “I” is the most used word throughout Paulina’s poems. Moreover, the poems are straight from her heart. There are no pretentiousness of passion, no avoidance of truth, and no prevention of feelings. The poems are all about self-realization, self-feeling, self-care, self-beliefs, self-vulnerability, self-consciousness, self-changing, self-improvement, self-control, self-confidence, and ultimately self-love that relies on God’s hand. One cannot help but being moved by reading her poems and draw energy of strength and love from them.

In this fast-changing and chaotic world that is filled with myriad of hatred, doubts, uncertainties, violence, fight, war, disruptions, and unknowns, it is imperative for individuals to anchor themselves so that they can press on in their lives. Paulina’s poetry no doubt provides that spiritual anchor to people in a positive way. If everyone learns to carry out this purposeful self-realization, the world would be a better place for us all.
Ching-Hua Wang, MD, PhD
President of Samuel Merritt University
Dr. Van’s poetry has the rhythm of the heart beat,
The singular connection that transcends the distractions of life.
Like a heartbeat, you don’t hear.
You listen, because the message is so dear.

In “I began again”, she describes the “Self-care micropractices,” which opened the door To listening for her, closing off, it seems like forever, The banal for the truly deeply felt.

Each of her poems is a “self care micropractice,” Moving the reader/listener away from the known To something refreshing, often surprising.

We are blessed by her journey to caring, and better for it.
George Woods, MD, L.F.A.P.A.
Practicing Physician, Neuropsychiatry
Regala Healing is an authentic exploration of the human condition. Dr. Paulina Van’s poems strike familiar chords with many as she artfully shares the range of emotions and personal circumstances that seem to emanate directly from her soul to the readers’. It is next to impossible to read her poetry, and not feel she is capturing a circumstance or situation from one’s own life. Her poems are undergirded with a raw vulnerability that takes the reader on emotional journeys and forays into self -reflection, introspection, love, compassion, forgiveness, and ultimately acceptance. Van’s talent to connect heart-to-heart without pretense or facade, is what makes this compilation of her poetry so special. You will see yourself and life’s ups and downs – and everything in between- all contained in her artistry. It is a rare collection of poems that connects readers from all walks of life, and stages. Van is the ultimate “truth teller,” giving us all an unfiltered look at ourselves and the human condition, with all our complex layers peeled back.”
Alice Jacobs Vestergaard, EdD,MBA,MS,MA,MCHES
Certified Caritas© Coach
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Her tender words are timeless songs to see again; to feel again; to live again. Each one rising up-falling away yet lingering in the midst of the air we breathe.
Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
Founder, Watson Caring Science Institute
Distinguished Prof/Dean Emerita, University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing
Como su título indica, este poemario supone un regalo para quien lo lee. Fragmentos que invitan a la reflexión, al autocuidado y a la compasión hacia uno mismo. Escritos desde el corazón y la sabiduría, y redactados con gran maestría. Gracias querida Paulina, por poner en palabras sentimientos, sufrimientos y experiencias personales, pero con los que te puedes sentir identificada. Y, especialmente gracias, por arrojar luz al compartir el proceso de sanación y las fuentes de respuesta.
Dra. Sara Fernández Basanta
Profesora Contratada Interina de Sustitución
"In 'Regalos', Dr. Paulina Van takes you on a life odyssey into and through her long arc to self-acceptance, self-love and self-transcendence. Not only does Dr. Van open the door and provide a window into her journey of emotions, but she ultimately removes the roof from her house of feelings for all to see and feel with her. Her courageous look into the dark rooms of her past shed light for all to see and learn from. Through her poetry, Dr. Van holds the torch on the road to transformation illuminating the paths of faith, forgiveness, and trust. These, I believe, are the true 'gifts' she leaves for us."
Marcus "Adéshima" Lorenzo Penn, MD, CYT
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Dr. Van has Captured, in WORDS, the Emotions that are Felt by every person who has Survived Circumstances & Conditions that were meant to Destroy them. Her WORDS bring clarity, comfort, and strength by giving language to others to express Hope they can Hold onto in Moments of Reflection of Life’s Journey. Regala Healing keeps the reader mindful that Trauma and Trouble are Real but not Permanent.
Bishop Keith L. Clark
General Overseer
WORD Assembly
Family of Churches
It [Regala Healing] has become a lighthouse for me during this pandemic time of dark feelings. I love the style and the very personal and personalized way Paulina wrote her poems. I also followed her suggestion of just turning randomly to a page for the “right” poem each day which I have done and used as a brief meditation. I love the beautiful images of the graceful, giving open hands next to each poem.
Thank you for allowing God to use you in a most profound way. Your collection of poetry is a healing salve for injured souls. May you continue to be the vessel to spread words of hope, encouragement, and restoration.
Marcia E. Canton, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Nursing
Canton Associates, President
I am not one who finds myself drawn to poetry, but Ms. Van’s book was hypnotic and engaging. I read it with a rhythm that was familiar and inviting and enticing to read just one more page. I have several friends that I would like to share it with.
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