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Regala Healing

A Collection of Healing Poems
by Dr. Paulina Van (author), Dr. Jean Watson (Foreword)

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A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Regala Healing (First Edition) will be donated to the “Dr. Paulina R. Van Perinatal Nursing Scholarship” fund at Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, California.

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Book Description

These poems are addicting! The 100 healing narratives which emerged in the form of anaphoric, lyrical poetry will entice you to read each one until you are intoxicated, moved, and soothed by them. The poems are straight from Van’s heart and rooted in unspoken life experiences. There is no pretentiousness of passion, no avoidance of truth, and no prevention of feelings. The poems are all about self-realization, self-feeling, self-care, self-beliefs, self-vulnerability, self-consciousness, self-changing, self-improvement, self-control, self-confidence, and ultimately self-love that relies on God’s hand. One cannot help but be moved by reading these poems and drawing their energy of strength and love.

Van trusts that sharing herself with unabated transparency may potentiate your healing as it has hers. Although these poems are rooted in her personal life experiences, they might also call forth your own feelings and truths. You, too, can open yourself to the internal conversation these poems might spark, even—or especially—if you can’t see where that conversation might lead.

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Regala Healing Team

Dr. Van’s poetry collection gives the reader a healing tool, a welcome addition to one’s toolbox of meditative reading. Her poems a relatable to anyone dealing with unresolved loss, grief, low self-esteem, spiritual turmoil, or history of trauma. As a mental health provider, I would recommend this book to those participating in counseling but have a hard time finding the words to express their emotions. Excellent book, powerful poetry.

Janis Leslie Evans

The book, “Regala Healing” by Dr. Paulina Vann resonated with me. The vibrational frequency of the words used in her phenomenally healing poetry ministered to the depths of my soul. So inspirational and offers hope for all who experience its’ triumphant portal for healing.

Cheryl T. Handy MN, RN, NE.-BC,, HMCT, Caritas Coach

This book is quite refreshing in that it has been designed purely with the intention of inspiring, energizing and healing its readers. Each entry tends to have at least one powerful line or idea that will resonate with you, get you thinking or motivate you to move forward! You will be surprised by this book’s capacity to show you just the right solutions to the things you are facing.

Jason Moore

Dr. Van and I met for the first time via Zoom and I was immediately impressed with her character! Her tone was peaceful, warm, and friendly. So when she offered for me to have a copy of her book I felt privileged. Excited to open the book once I received it I started reading and could not put it down. The book is now part of my daily devotional at work. It centers me.
Thank you Dr. Van for your gift of giving. Your book is very engaging and offers words of healing to the reader. Congratulations!!!

Barbara Mwamba

There is no doubt that Dr. Van is extraordinarily talented! How lucky are we to experience her writing. Regala Healing is a beautiful book of art that allows your mind to feel the emotions of your heart. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Janette Sheldrick

I absolutely thrilled to have my copy of Regala Healing authored by Dr. Van. The entire book of poetry is a testament to the author’s unique perspective on how one may achieve more calm and peace from within. My favorite poem from Regalia Healing, especially during this season of renewal as well as the month of April honoring Poetry around the globe, is. “The Simple Things”, on pages 94 and 95. The words make me so much lighter in spirit. I would recommend Dr. Van’s book to any soul that needs uplifting and enlightening. Beautiful words.

Reisa Elmore

Dr. Van’s poems are emotionally engaging with so many raw emotions. Maybe these healing narratives are the way they are because they are unedited and unplanned. Thank you Dr. Van for sharing with us what was given to you. I did not need any secret keys to unlock any of these poems. They spoke clearly to me. When it is hard getting in touch with my own feelings, I pick up Regalos and let Dr. Van’s words guide my thoughts. Dr. Van has played a significant role in shaping my life and career, and now every time I read a poem from her book, I feel her continued presence and guidance in my life.

Ajooma Cheeramkuzhiyil

Dr. Van shares the words God gave her. It is evident that Regala Healing was birthed out of obedience from a child of God. Each stance is so clear, simple, and so deep and profound at the same time. I am fond of several poems in the book, however “I Enjoy” is one my favorites, it reminds me to take care of me. It speaks self- care which is a struggle at times for many of us. Take home message: you have the right to relish in the enjoyment of life, freedom, and being in the moment.- #nursekim

Kim J. Scott, MSN, MBA, RN

Paulina, from the first poem in your beautiful book, Regala Healing, you revealed your expanded and loving heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your blessings with me. I am touched. With Love Always-Jan❤️

Jan Anderson

Dr. Paulina Van and the poems in her book really help me during the grief of losing my husband of 40 years. “Self-love” on page 60-61, is an especially good poem because it gives me hope and a direction on my recovery journey. I’m sure there is something inspirational in this book for everyone.

Aurora Brenda Ingram

This is a sensitive and provocative work of art that will inspire the reader at any stage of his or her development. Through her writings, Dr. Van carefully warns the reader of the inevitable setbacks and difficulties in life (“It Hurts”). It is here she speaks of her determination to emerge from her circumstances and move toward self-affirmation and healing.
These works will be inspirational for readers who are finding their way through the intricate maze of the life’s process, or those who are charged with being creative while caring for and motivating students, and for anyone in need of emotional and spiritual healing. Regalos or gifts, is an accurate description of this amazing work of art.
She reminds the reader that “dreams do come true” as they have for her if one accepts and actualizes the reflections and musings she generously shares as a guidance for a better life. This is a truly inspiring magnum opus.
Regalos is a gift you will want to share with others to inspire, encourage or both.

Dr. Marcia E. Canton

Van is the ultimate “truth teller,” giving us all an unfiltered look at ourselves and the human condition, with all our complex layers peeled back. It is next to impossible to read her poetry, and not feel she is capturing a circumstance or situation from one’s own life. All of humanity is captured within the pages of Regala. Reading her poetry connects one to their authentic self.

Alice Vestergaard

Such a beautiful book of poetry and perfect as a gift to share with others. Everyone I’ve recommended the book to finds themselves relating in their own personal lives. It brings peace, clarity, and understanding. 10/10, an amazing read.

Angelica V
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