Dr. Marcia E. Canton

This is a sensitive and provocative work of art that will inspire the reader at any stage of his or her development. Through her writings, Dr. Van carefully warns the reader of the inevitable setbacks and difficulties in life (“It Hurts”). It is here she speaks of her determination to emerge from her circumstances and move toward self-affirmation and healing.
These works will be inspirational for readers who are finding their way through the intricate maze of the life’s process, or those who are charged with being creative while caring for and motivating students, and for anyone in need of emotional and spiritual healing. Regalos or gifts, is an accurate description of this amazing work of art.
She reminds the reader that “dreams do come true” as they have for her if one accepts and actualizes the reflections and musings she generously shares as a guidance for a better life. This is a truly inspiring magnum opus.
Regalos is a gift you will want to share with others to inspire, encourage or both.

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